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The cold hard truth about sales...

I know you're smart, and already understand that without a bulletproof sales system, focusing your time, effort, and money to generate leads and opportunities is a complete waste...

...akin to pouring water into a bucket with a gaping hole at the bottom

And then wondering why it never seems to fill up

But unfortunately, you've been misled, and that doesn't sit right with me

With mountains of sales courses, programs, coaches, etc. all promising to teach you how to "outsell" your competition...

They're missing what's quite possibly the one CORE principle that separates the top 5% from their competition that's lucky to pick up the scraps left behind:

"People LOVE to BUY - But HATE the feeling of being SOLD to"

You see, damn near every "sales process" that I've ever seen taught focuses on getting great at SELLING

But ask yourself this:

Do you think it'd be smarter to bust your ass to become a Michael Phelps level swimmer attempting to do the breast-stroke upriver?

Or would you rather hop in a sweet inner tube, crack a beer, and let the river do all the work as you float effortlessly downstream?

When I realized that the latter is an option, I found myself racking up huge commissions WITHOUT getting burnt out at the end of a day full of sales calls...

Over DOUBLING my close rate, while putting in WAY less effort

And while I selfishly kept my system to myself over the past few years

I finally decided to package it up into a step-by-step course that so far has been delivering EPIC results to the first round of students who've ever had access to the Influence Mastery system

Now, I'm not gonna hard-close you into the program

Because frankly, I'm loving that it's been selling itself through referrals alone over the past month

Instead, I'd like to invite you to check out a free preview of what's inside so you can finally quit swimming upstream...

And kick back, chill out, and craft a proper BUYING experience for your future happy customers

All you gotta do is click here, and when you find yourself on the Thinkific course page, click "free preview" That'll give you a sneak peek at some of the trainings inside that have helped the current students inside to set record-breaking numbers FAST.



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