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Pre Framing Your Sales Calls | How, When, And Why To Pre-Frame To Close More Sales Calls

Most People Botch The Pre-Framing Section Of Their Sales Calls For The Following Reasons:

1) They don’t know HOW to do it

2) They don’t know WHY to do it

3) They’re lazy or in a rush

4) There’s fear or worry that the prospect will reject your frame and lead to confrontation

But Pre-Framing Is VITAL Because:

1) It frames call as collaborative vs investigative

2) It helps your prospects to open up more and display less sales resistance

3) It establishes your leadership - especially with coaching, they will hire you if they believe you can lead them to where they want to go, so you must start off the relationship as a leader

...remember that people WANT to be led by somebody they feel cares!

So dive into this sales training linked below, and you'll uncover another piece of the process that my sales reps and I use to close way more objection-free sales!

3 Pre-Framing Examples:

1) "So let me give you an idea of how these calls work… I’ll ask you some questions to better understand your situation and where you’re looking to take this business, and if after getting a clear picture, I feel we could help you make it happen, we’ll have a conversation about what it would look like if we chose to work together. Cool if we just dive right in?"

2) "Okay John, I’m prepared to talk with you today about ways you can grow your online business, which I understand is why you reached out… but first I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions to better understand your situation?"

3) "Well let’s do this… before I’m able to dive into how we might be able to help, it might be appropriate if I asked a few questions to understand your situation and see if we could even help you in the first place. For example…"

While it should be self-explanatory, don't go through all three of these on a sales call... Rather, pick the one that's most congruent with your communication style, tweak it a bit, and practice until it flows naturally! Cheers to making more sales and changing more lives!

-Coach Grant Eilertson


Watch this video to understand the subtle tonality shifts between the front and back end of a sales call to set you up for success (Because words are only 7% of communication)

Watch this video to learn how to effectively communicate your offer, so that it feels "custom made" and irresistible for your prospects (hint: if your offer always sounds the same, you're losing out on sales)

Watch this video to learn how to effectively gain commitment to the process BEFORE discussing investment/financial commitment (this is a GAMECHANGER if you're not already doing this)

And last (but certainly not least) watch this video to equip yourself with my "foolproof" objection handling process (because if you don't know what to say when your prospects express their concerns/objections, you'll be leaving a TON of money on the table)

After you've finished the videos linked above, if you haven't already, be sure to pick up your FREE copy of "The 7 Vital Sales Questions" (to create objection-free closed sales) by either CLICKING HERE or tapping on the picture below!
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson

Cheers to making more sales, and changing more lives! -Coach Grant Eilertson P.S. if we aren't already connected on social media, find me on: YouTube Facebook Instagram For more exclusive content!

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