Want To DOUBLE Your Income & Time-Off?

I'd Tell You This Is The Most Effective
Sales System On Earth...

But I'll Just Let My Students' Results Speak For Themselves...

This may surprise you...

But I'm NOT going to try to convince you to buy this program.

Instead, as you read on, I'm simply going to share with you who this IS for, and who it's NOT for...

Give you an idea of what is possible if you choose to implement this system for yourself...​

And yes, I'm also gonna brag a bit about what my students have created for themselves like this...


This program IS for:

People with active coaching and/or info-product businesses

Sales reps that are aligned with high-value high-integrity offers

People who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace as much as they value making money.


People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.


People who are already successful, and want to double their income & their time off.

This program is NOT for:

People who are just in this for the money, and don’t care about the results their clients get.


People who use deceptive practices, or smell dodgy in any way.

People who intend to manipulate others into doing what is not in their best interest.


People who are looking to sell a scam, fraud, or otherwise deceptive offer or product.

People who cannot take personal responsibility for their results, and resort to the "blame game".

Here's a summary of everything you get...

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful!

The Complete Influence Mastery Sales System Learning Portal

To walk you step-by-step through the battle-tested process that's proven time and time again to make selling effortless and render your competition obsolete... ($4,969 Value)

The Private Mastermind Community & Hotline Support

Never miss a sale again with daily hands-on support from Grant and the community to book calls, close sales, and follow up effectively with leads that are currently falling through the cracks... ($3,420 Value)

Weekly LIVE Coaching
& Mastermind Calls

To cut your "learning-to-earning" curve in half with LIVE, hands-on coaching from Grant every week for sales call breakdowns, messenger process audits, and support with closing deals effortlessly as you build out your bulletproof client acquisition system... ($6,969 Value)

All yours for just $969

Before you join...

Let's make sure we're on the same page...​​

What I will expect from YOU as a student:

  • ​You take the time to implement what you learn, test, shift, and succeed.

  • You blame nobody but yourself for your outcomes.

  • You do what you say you're going to do.

  • While LIVE support is still rolling, you are a collaborative, supportive community member.

  • You show up coachable and able to take feedback.

What you can expect from ME as an instructor:

  • Honest, direct, interruptive feedback to make you better.

  • At least 4 new trainings added to the course area each week (so far average is 10)

  • I will always be on time to our live coaching calls.

  • 48hr MAX response time to questions in Slack (average is less than 12hrs)

Proper expectations = outcomes like these...


Still on the fence?

Lemme sweeten the deal with a few




ONLY For Those Who Enroll Prior To 11/1/21...​​​​


Don't know if you've "Got What It Takes" to succeed in sales?

Automatically rewire your subconscious mind to make wealth creation effortless in just 25 minutes per day with custom-created hypnosis tracks from a psychoneurologist and professional hypnotist of over 15 years... ($4,997 normal price, ∞ Value)


Don't have consistent,
"ready-to-buy" leads yet?

Generate a consistent stream of red-hot "shut up and take my money" leads from (free) organic social media content alone with the "I-suck-at-content-proof" Neuro-Marketing Method from Jackie Yvette... ($2,420 Value)


Don't have a big audience of qualified leads yet?

Put your audience growth and sales conversation generation on autopilot with the world's best "automated virtual assistant" tool that saves an average of 120 hours per month while generating an average of 40 sales calls... (14-Day FREE Trial - $249/mo regular price)


Don't already have a great,
high-value offer to sell?

After completing the Influence Mastery Sales Course, you can be placed on a world-class, "Dream Fit" offer with the potential to earn 20k+/mo in straight commissions selling for people like Dean Graziosi and Frank Kern ($8,400 normal price to be placed via Cole Gordon)


Been through other sales programs but struggled to win?

Take the guesswork out of applying the Influence Mastery Sales System by watching REAL recorded sales calls and messenger sales conversations from Grant Eilertson. I've NEVER found another program that actually shares the mentor's REAL sales calls... ($3,969 Value)

If you're not great at math, lemme help you out...

The bonuses ALONE are CONSERVATIVELY worth over $20,035

But for those who enroll in Influence Mastery before 11/1/21

They're all yours FREE to ensure you can not fail.



  • What type of guarantees does this course come with?

    • NONE - zero promises or guarantees. The value you'll glean from this course is 100% dependent on you actually implementing what's taught - I can't make you learn or apply anything, so I guarantee nothing other than the fact that if you buy this, you'll get access to everything within 48hrs. 

  • What's the refund policy?

    • No refunds. If that concerns you, don't buy this. I'm literally pulling back the curtain and exposing my ENTIRE tool chest that's been responsible for over 8-Figures in sales with offers ranging from $1,500-$30,000.

  • Can we hop on a call to discuss this?

    • No. Buy it or don't - your choice. I will not spend any of my time convincing you to join.

  • What type of live support will I get if I join?

    • I run a 2hr deep-dive live coaching call every Tuesday at 10am PST.

    • I also run a private Slack community for the members, and am active Mon-Fri to support members with closing sales quickly and efficiently.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    • The course itself is lifetime access. The live support is 13 weeks from 8/31/21, so if you purchase the course prior to the end of the live support, you will have until then to utilize it.

  • How much does Influence Mastery cost?

    • The current investment is just 969, but we routinely sell out very quickly and raise the price each time we do. If you DON'T purchase this, but your competition does, it will cost you a hell of a lot more.

  • What if I have more questions before I purchase the course that aren't answered here?

    • Then you should not buy this course.


Click Here To Enroll And Receive $20,035 In BONUSUS For FREE Before 11/1/21


Click Here To Enroll And Receive $20,035 In BONUSUS For FREE Before 11/1/21


A personal letter from Grant...

Wow, look at you!

You've reached the bottom, and I've said everything that I came to say...

If you're still not convinced that the Influence Mastery Sales Course is the best possible thing to uplevel your sales skills, double your income, and double your time off, totally cool.


Don't buy this course.

Here's why I'm not going to "convince" you to buy...


I will just be teaching you everything that I know about sales and influence

The exact tools and philosophies that have made me, my clients, and my sales teams a crap ton of money over the years

Which puts me in a pretty "exposed" position as I'm sure you can understand...

Because I know it works - and it's scary effective

BUT it only works if you actually apply it, so if you're the type to buy crap you never intend to actually use, save yourself the cash and don't buy this...

Let the more committed people get more time and attention in the Private Slack community and on the 2hr weekly LIVE coaching sessions, where we break down sales calls, audit messenger conversations, and discuss the secrets of influence that make it damn-near impossible to NOT get what you want.

IF after reading EVERYTHING I laid out here, you're the type of person who is crazy enough to follow me down the rabbit hole of mastering the art and science of Influence...

Then I'll see you inside

And you will NOT be disappointed


Click Here To Enroll And Receive $20,035 In BONUSUS For FREE Before 11/1/21