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The 7 Sales Questions You MUST Be Asking...

The 7 questions that have closed 2M in coaching sales in the past 12 months, fit on a 5×7 notecard...

And I'll happily give them to you, provided you promise to only use your new-found superpowers for good.

But first off, let's be clear, sales actually didn't come easily to me either...

When I was first tasked with getting on the phone to ask for just 1.5k, it brought up SO much resistance for me

Overwhelm with clunky scripts...

Worry that I'd say or do something wrong...

Borderline avoidance & anxiety with the thought of getting another "No"

All of it.

Truuuuusssstttt me

But over the past couple years of taking hundreds of calls...

And now having coached hundreds of students into creating millions of dollars of revenue...

I've distilled down the whole "scary" process into just 7 vital questions.

7 simple questions that, if asked in a context of open, honest, direct communication will create the possibility of collecting 5 figures+ in 1 with a one-call-close system.

I've even shared them sporadically in my content before...

But until now, I'd never created such a simple cheat-sheet that could fit on a 5x7 notecard that literally ANYBODY is capable of implementing immediately.

The Following Video Covers The 3 "What" Questions You (or your sales rep) MUST Be Asking

The "What's":

  • What hurts?

  • What do you really want?

  • What’s the cost if nothing changes?

The Following Video Covers The 3 "Why" Questions You (or your sales rep) MUST Be Asking

The "Why's":

  • Why now?

  • Why me?

  • Why's this so important to you?

Watch the videos (or send them to your sales reps) and make sure you've drilled these questions into the subconscious, because it's imperative that each of these questions are answered on your sales calls. Not only for you (or the sales rep) to have clear context with which to guide the prospective clients' decision making process - but because THEY must hear themselves speak out the answers to these questions. Any sale I've lost that I should have won, I can attribute to missing 1 or more of these vital 7 questions. If you've been paying attention, you've likely realized that so far we've covered only 6 of the 7 questions... So what's the final one?

Can't wait to hear about all the deals you close as soon as you've implemented this proven process.

Happy Selling! -Coach Grant

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