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3 Step "Perfect Pitch" Process To Prevent Objections On Sales Calls

Bad news? Your sales pitch probably sucks and it's costing you money. Good news? The solution is SIMPLE. Where rookie sales reps and entrepreneurs go wrong (and lose sales) is often in the pitch. You see, it's all too common for people to view (and execute) their "pitch" as an inflexible, "always the same" style speech. The big issue here is that strategy falsely assumes every prospect is the same. Can you see how trying to fit a cube, a pyramid, and a rectangle into a square hole leaves a TON of space for lost sales? Yeah, thought so. That's why I developed this 3 step "perfect pitch" process creates objectionless closed sales, regardless of what industry you're in. And yes, it's worked for me time & time again to one-call-close deals as high as $30k paid in full. Join me and my business partner at High Impact Coach, Ben Gower, to break down how to implement this simple process and close more sales!

Framework Cheat Sheet: Because you said [PROBLEM], what we'll do is [solution], and for you that means [BENEFIT] - [tie-down]

After you've finished the video linked above, if you haven't already, be sure to pick up your FREE copy of "The 7 Vital Sales Questions" (to create objection-free closed sales) by either CLICKING HERE or tapping on the picture below!

Cheers to making more sales, and changing more lives! -Coach Grant Eilertson P.S. if we aren't already connected on social media, find me on: YouTube Facebook Instagram For more exclusive content!

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