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The Hidden Source Of Objections | Why YOUR Excuses Are Costing You Sales

When it comes to "handling objections" and closing high-ticket sales, the strategies you use only go so far... Rookie sales reps and entrepreneurs focus on how to address symptoms as they come up But true pros understand that YOU are the source of the vast majority of objections you get on sales calls!

In the video linked below, Mindset Coach, Matthew Paetz, breaks down why YOUR excuses are costing you sales!

So dive into this sales training linked below, and you'll uncover another piece of the process that my sales reps and I use to close way more objection-free sales!


For the objections that come up on your calls, it's important that you have BOTH the mindset training and sales skills to smoothly realign your prospects with following through and closing, so if you haven't already, be sure to go through the 4 step objection handling training linked below:

If you'd like to get in touch with Matthew Paetz directly, you can do so via the links below: Matthew Paetz Facebook: Matthew Paetz Instagram:

And further, linked below are some of my favorite books that will help you break through your "upper limit" to close more sales and change more lives!

After you've finished the videos linked above, if you haven't already, be sure to pick up your FREE copy of "The 7 Vital Sales Questions" (to create objection-free closed sales) by either CLICKING HERE or tapping on the picture below!
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson

Cheers to making more sales, and changing more lives! -Coach Grant Eilertson P.S. if we aren't already connected on social media, find me on: YouTube Facebook Instagram For more exclusive content!

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