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Advanced Sales Cadence With 9-Figure Producer, Eli Wilde

How did Eli Wilde repeatedly decimate the rest of Tony Robbins' sales team's numbers combined? If you don't already know Eli, you may not know that Tony Robbins has an internal award for his sales team named the "Eli Award" after his jaw-dropping production. Eli's been one of the most impactful mentors I've had in my own sales career, and I'm excited to share a clip from a training that we ran together in his private sales group.

In this short video, we pull back the curtain to unveil one of his most impactful tactics for decimating his competition and closing a ridiculous amount of sales.

"Your words are only 7% of communication - So HOW you say what you say is WAY more important than WHAT you say"

So pay close attention to this sales training linked below, and you'll uncover one of the keys that Eli and I use to close more objection-free sales!


Rookie sales reps should exercise caution when implementing this advanced strategy. Done right, it puts your prospects at ease, allows them to open up and go deeper, and enables you to uncover the vital information you need in order to close deals. However, done wrong, it'll make you sound like an uncertain novice which will degrade your authority and cause you to miss sales! The key here is PRACTICE and engaging in role-playing so that you can dial in the strategy and nail your delivery.

After you've finished the video linked above, if you haven't already, be sure to pick up your FREE copy of "The 7 Vital Sales Questions" (to create objection-free closed sales) by either CLICKING HERE or tapping on the picture below!
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson

Cheers to making more sales, and changing more lives! -Coach Grant Eilertson P.S. if we aren't already connected on social media, find me on: YouTube Facebook Instagram For more exclusive content!


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