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11 Selling Techniques That ACTUALLY Work

In a world of outdated and just flat out bad sales advice, you need to equip yourself with the modern selling tools that actually work if you want to stand a chance in today's economy. Because if you're still "yes'ing" the prospect to the close in the hopes they'll just buy without thinking... Or you're "practicing your pitch" to make it "so good they'll feel stupid saying no"...

Or even applying EXTERNAL sales pressure in place of tapping into their INTRINSIC urgency... Well, my friend, you're losing a LOT of sales that you could otherwise be closing. The GOOD news is that you stumbled upon the 11 selling techniques that my private clients use to close at DOUBLE the industry average rate.

And when you're fully able to grasp these simple concepts, it will change everything for you as it did for me.

It's this one simple principle that took me personally from working 6-7 days a week averaging 10 hours of sales calls per day... cutting that time in half while doubling my income and actually having fun in the process.

I want this to really sink in for you too.

So, I'm going to share with you 11 things that you can do to cultivate a proper BUYING experience for your consumers rather than trying to "sell your way to success".

Click the video below to soak these lessons in:

Now, you know that I share a lot of tools, tips and tactics for free here on this blog and on my YouTube channel.

And if you haven't already gone through all of the content, I suggest doing so if you're just looking for simple ways that you can increase your ability to acquire new customers profitably.

If, however, you're the kind that likes to just skip the line and get ahead of your competition very quickly, then I strongly suggest you check out the Influence Mastery Sales Course.

The Influence Mastery Sales Course is a compilation of every single tool, tactic, framework, strategy, and mindset breakthrough that I've compiled over the past five years of racking up well over 8-figures in sales for myself and the clients I've represented... well as an egregious amount of revenue with the sales teams that I have built, trained, and managed over that time-frame.

Inside, I pull back the curtain give you everything you need to double your income and time off.

So if you just want to completely render your competition obsolete, *Click Here*, check out what's included, and see if it makes sense for you to go through it yourself.

It's not gonna be right for everyone, and to be clear, you're not gonna get a hard pitch on that page.

It's just me walking through:

1) Who it's for

2) Who it's not for

3) What's included

4) Me bragging a little bit about my students' success stories because seeing them winning lights me up.

In summation:

These are a few sales principles that have made a world of difference for my clients, allowing them to double their income and time off.

That said, these are just a small fraction of what's taught in the Influence Mastery Sales Course.

So, if you're serious about up-leveling your earning potential QUICKLY with a simple, bullet-proof system, then at the VERY least, *click here* to check it out.

Even if you don't end up joining, you can take advantage of the free preview of 3 private trainings inside.

These trainings include:

1) The three-step "Perfect Presentation" training to make your offer so irresistible, your prospects would feel stupid for saying "no".

2) Open-loop training to captivate attention and intrigue, making your prospects hang on every word.

3) A replay of one of our deep-dive group coaching calls.

I guarantee that these trainings ALONE will be 100% worth the simple investment of your time.

And I'm not even gonna ask you to pay anything for them.

If you then go on to buy the course, I can easily say without a doubt in my mind that you'll be blown away. But either way, at least take me up on these free trainings that'll really help you out.

Talk soon...


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