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Want More Referrals? How To 3x Your Referrals In 2021 | Free Training With Chad Durfee

Chad "the Referral King" Durfee joins me today to break down how to 3x your referrals in 2021

Chad has made a name for himself in the coaching industry with his psychology-driven referral systems, and he's helped countless coaches and consultants install his proven referral and retention systems to dramatically increase their clients' lifetime value, and create a predictable stream of red-hot referrals. That means way more money in your pocket - if you have the right systems of course...

So dive into this referral training linked below, and you'll uncover another piece of the process that my sales reps and I use to close way more objection-free sales!


Take Chad Durfee's "Referral Score" test to see how much more revenue you could be collecting with proper referral systems in place for FREE here:

Book a free call with Chad Durfee to audit your business's referral systems here:

Join Chad's "Referrals & Retention" Facebook Group:

After you've finished the video linked above, if you haven't already, be sure to pick up your FREE copy of "The 7 Vital Sales Questions" (to create objection-free closed sales) by either CLICKING HERE or tapping on the picture below!
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson
7 Vital Sales Questions - Grant Eilertson

Cheers to making more sales, and changing more lives! -Coach Grant Eilertson P.S. if we aren't already connected on social media, find me on: YouTube Facebook Instagram For more exclusive content!

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