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2 Million In 12 Months...

The 6 questions that have closed 2M in coaching sales in the past 12 months, fit on a 5×7 notecard...

6 simple questions that, if asked in a context of open, honest, direct communication will create the possibility of collecting 5 figures in 1 call.

And I'll happily give them to ya!
Click here for access: tiny.cc/6questions

Facebook Groups For Profit

After doing over 2 million in coaching sales from a single Facebook group in 2019, 7-Figure Sales Coach Grant Eilertson breaks down exactly how to set up your Facebook profile and group to build your own Tribe of Buyers and sell out your online programs.

You'll want a notepad for this one, as the curtain is pulled back on a Facebook group LIVE!

5 Steps To Success

In this short video, Grant Eilertson teaches the simple 5 step framework for getting what you want out of life.

-Committed Actions
-Ways of BEing


4 Steps To "YES!"

Tired of losing sales due to smokescreen objections that you’re granting validity to? Would you like to learn how to handle ANY objection without memorizing endless taglines?


Then strap in, and take some notes as Coach Grant Eilertson breaks down the 4 Step Foolproof Objection Handling Process with Andrew Kroeze of Tribe Of Buyers! Foolproof Objection Handling Process: http://tiny.cc/4StepObjectionHandling

Best Question Ever?

In this short video, Grant Eilertson teaches a simple questioning pattern that, when applied, allows your prospects to quantify the value of your program to you!

Remember, SELLING is not TELLING!

Add this question to your repertoire, and watch the magic!

Elevating Enrollment FAST

In this short video, Grant Eilertson teaches the one thing that any entrepreneur can do to immediately elevate their enrollment game so that they can close more deals, and transform their world!

Access the call feedback scorecard for FREE here: http://tiny.cc/EnrollmentScorecard

Stop Selling Shiny S**t!

In this short video, Grant Eilertson teaches why "selling shiny shit" is costing you money!

*hint* if you're talking features, this is for you!



(and how to fix that leaky bucket)

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